Do you run a blog or website in the field of cycle touring? Would you like to supplement your income by recommending the Essential Gear eBook and database?

We’re offering generous financial compensation for your help in spreading the word about this new and extremely useful resource.

Specifically, we’ll give you 51% of the cover price for every new eBook customer you send us.

Compared with the 5% commission you’ll typically earn by recommending stuff on Amazon, we think that’s a pretty good deal. (You’ll earn more than we will!)

How this works is pretty simple:

Step 1: Encourage your readers to visit

By far the most effective way of sending qualified visitors to us is to review the guide in detail, making an honest and authentic recommendation to your readers, and linking directly to the eBook landing page. You’ll need, of course, to make your review as visible as possible (e.g. on your homepage, via your email newsletter, or in your ‘favourite articles’ lists).

Another way of promoting the project is to place a text link or graphical banner across the whole of your site, e.g. in the sidebar. We’ll provide the graphics. This is a lot less work for you (and you won’t need to buy the guide), but you shouldn’t expect the same kind of conversion rate as a well-written, detailed, fully disclosed review — written specifically for your readership — will create.

The final way to promote the project is to link from your site to individual items in the database (e.g. from a kit list page, or from reviews you’ve published of products in our database). You can include the tracking code when linking to any page on the site, making your links as relevant as possible to what your readers have been browsing.

We’re looking for partners who have judged for themselves the value of the guide and believe in what they’re promoting, so we’ll expect you to purchase the guide in order to be able to review it authentically. You’ll begin earning right from your first successful referral.

Step 2: Receive payment.

Yep — there are only two steps. Sorry it’s not more complicated!

Once a quarter, we’ll drop you a line about how your links have been performing, and send the commissions you’ve earned to your Paypal account. You get paid for your work; we cover the costs of the upkeep of this site, your readers get several hundred pages of invaluable, hard-earned advice on gear for cycle touring. Everyone’s happy!

Apply now:

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